Basketball Net


The Only NH Private Basketball Training Facility Intentionally Designed for Kids!

Host to Play Practice Basketball training program, the Seacoast Hoops Lab is a literal laboratory where kids come to experiment with basketball, make mistakes, learn, grow, and thrive.

Our Core Values are:

1. Persistent, Consistent, & Reliable

2. Perpetual learning

3. Peaceful, Positive & Supportive

4. Principled Creative Action

5. Simplify, Automate & Iterate

6. Results before Rewards

Persistent, Consistent, & Reliable means not only that we are hard to get rid of, but also that we wear mostly the same thing every day, and you can set your watch by our routines... It also means if we hit a wall with training your player, we aren't going to give up on them and tell them they should "quit the sport and stop trying". We will persist, as we expect them to. We are consistent by design - using first principles to arrive at simple, elegant solutions to both basketball and business. We are reliable - punctual, communicative, prepared, experienced, and adaptable to any situation.

Perpetual Learning means just that - that we as coaches, business owners, team members, and people - expect of ourselves that which we ask of our players: to never stop learning! To continue an insatiable desire, not only for knowledge but for the practical application of knowledge that produces results and impacts the world around us.

Peaceful, Positive & Supportive  means we are prepared for mistakes to happen and already have solutions prepared for players with better instructions, more precise communication, and better feedback. We provide high expectations with unlimited attempts, an approach that is player-centered and designed to give the player whatever support they need to take their next small step forward.

Principled Creative Action means we use a framework of principles in basketball and business, and we rely on individual creativity to adapt those principles to the situation at hand and discover the best solution. Once we know our team members or our players have mastered their understanding of core principles, we can have absolute trust in them to do the right thing every time they have the chance.

Simplify, Automate, & Iterate means that whenever we see complexity in the world, we work to simplify it - distill it to a core principle that can be universally applied. In basketball, this looks like taking a complex offense and showing a player that there are only 2-3 familiar concepts at work and they don't have to rely on pattern memorization for all 50 plays in the playbook. Automate means taking those core principles and building a system to apply them consistently every time. Iterate means taking that system and finding a way to improve it slowly, steadily, and perpetually.

Results before Rewards means that we always invest in our players before asking them to invest in us. We demonstrate results in-game performance, then we show you how much more we could do for you! Our team members demonstrate that they can help their players, are rewarded for their ability to produce results for our clients, and are incentivized toward perpetual learning, personal growth, and higher levels of coaching.